Reclaimed materials are just that - reclaimed. Reclaimed also means recycled or to rescue from an undesirable state. In other words, this is used lumber that we have chosen to be worthy of reviving and putting back into use and not occupy precious landfill space. It is important to understand that when dealing with this type of material there will be obvious signs of serving a previous purpose. Most of these timbers served as structural members or other components of old buildings and barns and will have signs of such responsibilities. These signs include nails and nail holes, bolts and bolt holes, worm holes, mortise pockets, tenon spots, plugs, cracks, checks, splits, twisting, warping, bowing, color variations, texture variations, imperfect sizes and dimensions, bugs, dirt and other aspects inherent to recycled lumber products. Atlanta Specialty Woods uses strict discretion when searching for materials capable of reuse. We attempt to minimize the most severe defects to bring you the most charming and sound materials possible. The fumigation process is used to prevent any wood destroying organisms from surviving in our hand hewn timbers.


We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, Checks and Cash. When placing an order with Atlanta Specialty Woods, we ask for a 50% deposit to secure the order. Then the balance of the invoice, plus all associated shipping and delivery costs, are due at the time of delivery. Please make sure that the quantities and sizes are accurate before you submit your deposit because ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. There are fixed costs associated with every order that we fill. We are a custom order operation and these costs begin at the time we receive your deposit. Please don't wait until we receive your deposit to make changes to the order. This slows the process down and costs everyone more time and money.


We are happy to look at plans to help with the assessment of materials, but we are in no way to be held liable for any discrepancies pertaining to incorrect measurements taken from plans or other shop drawings. If your materials are calculated and the order is placed and shipped, then it is discovered there has been an error, we will be glad to produce more material at a cost, but we do not buy material back as a result of an overage. These amounts and quantities are the ultimate responsibility of the customer.


We are not responsible for unloading a delivery truck on your job site or place of delivery. We try very hard to coordinate the arrival of deliveries days in advance to give the customer ample opportunity to find enough resources to accommodate the materials to be unloaded. If exorbitant amounts of time are consumed during a delivery, the customer is subject to an additional shipping charge to accommodate for the driver's time. If your choice is to pick up at the warehouse, this will need to be coordinated with the staff and verified that your order is ready.


The lumber business measures product in two main ways. Nominal size and actual size. Thickness and widths are measured in nominal sizes. For example, a 2¡± x 4¡± from a lumber store is priced as a 2¡± x 4¡± piece of wood, but you only get a 1 1/2¡± x 3 1/2¡± piece of wood. You are charged for what it takes to make the piece of wood, not necessarily what the actual size is. When considering your order with Atlanta Specialty Woods, it is important to understand the difference between nominal and actual sizing of lumber and timbers.


Beams are priced by the volume of wood in the timber also known as a board foot. A board foot is measured by taking the width of the beam in inches x the height of the beam in inches x the length of the beam in feet and then dividing by 12. This will give you the board footage calculation in a beam. Let's say you want to price a 6¡± x 8¡± x 10' in rough sawn cypress. You would multiply 6 x 8 x 10 = 480. Then divide by 12 and you get 40 board feet in that piece of timber. At approximately $2.00 per board foot your price is $80.00. The same is true for antique timbers which are priced by their nominal sizes keeping in mind that when they were installed hundreds of years ago, they were a particular size and then over the years, changed sizes as they dried out. So a nominal 8¡± x 10¡± antique timber might measure an actual 7 1/4¡± x 9 1/4¡±. These are quoted as +/- 1¡± to allow for this situation.


We sell our flooring by the square foot. Each order is counted as it passes through the moulder by linear feet. Depending upon the width of the material, a certain amount of linear feet will be counted to fill the order. Moulder tallies and records of final count are available upon the customers request. All of our flooring orders will measure 3/4¡± thick unless otherwise instructed and will have a standard match tongue and groove with relief cuts. No flooring orders will be end-matched which is a tongue and groove on the end of the board. End-matching is not necessary for the flooring stay in place. Proper acclimation of flooring is mandatory with every order.


Proper acclimation of flooring is highly recommended with every order. We suggest at least 7 days for the flooring material to sit inside the job with the central air control system working properly to get the flooring used to its new climate conditions and humidity level. Our orders are shipped at an average of 10% - 15% moisture content and will need the acclimation process to help the material adjust to its final environment.


A waste factor must be calculated in the beginning to account for cutting and unknown amounts of unusable material due to knots or ¡°tear out¡± from the planing process. An average of 10% waste must be added to most orders and could increase depending upon the grade of flooring chosen.


Atlanta Specialty Woods warrants all flooring orders against defects due to machining. It guarantees that the customer will receive the quantity and grade of material promised. Atlanta Specialty Woods has no control regarding the proper storage, acclimation and installation of the materials it sells. Once the materials are delivered or picked up and accepted, Atlanta Specialty Woods holds no further responsibility.